“Factoid” – part two

I met Factoid a couple of weeks ago, I think it was on a Thursday, and boldly by maybe Sunday I think it was, I asked whether he wanted to do something again sometime. Putting myself out there. Go me. You have to when you get time wasters like The Kiwi.

Factoid said the coming week was busy, so how about the following one. Cue a little victory dance (a smirk and me being happy more like).

Eventually the week in question arrived. It is a long time to maintain momentum in the dating stratosphere. Arguably if a date is good you’re likely to see that person soon after or make the arrangements quickly.

Not so much with Factoid. He was a bit slow on the comms front (I am an avid comms WhatsApperer), but he’d had a visit to the hospital – an infection in his arm from a spider he thinks, I was to learn this when on the date.

Anyhow, we arranged to meet at a pub half way between where we both work. We hadn’t messaged that much between the dates, so we caught up on what we had been up to, Factoid kept making me laugh with his anecdotal tales and facts.

He told me about a terrible film called The Stud that he was aiming to get home for and also because he had meetings the next day. He’d told me about the meetings before he met me. (Hindsight and my slowly diminishing patience makes me think he was playing his get out card early, but then why bother meeting me). I told him about an equally rubbish film called The Room that gets shown at The Prince Charles Cinema. Great chats all round. Turns out his film choice wasn’t on, he stuck out the date a little longer perhaps.

We decided we should get some food, but weren’t really helping each other make any food decisions, so ended up in Subway. Whilst that may not be a date destination to some, I was happy in having a Subway, it did the job! He said we’d go for a proper dinner next time. It turns out I have meetings at his office next week, he suggested coffee (he was almost definitely joking).

We went for a bit of a wander and for cocktails afterwards, it was all very jolly but he really did mean it about an early night (which actually suited me fine) so we had a bit of a kiss at the tube and it was home time. He said we’d do something again soon.

But now I haven’t heard from him… which is borderline rude, weird and all the dating logic I don’t understand in between – leading me to the conclusion he is a fool and I’m not going to get any more facts. The end.

“The Kiwi” – AKA a time waster

It annoys me when you have a good first date, the guy seems keen,  you continue to message after the date and he says he is keen to see you again.

Then bang, after messaging a fair bit and from nowhere, The Kiwi says: “Sorry I had fun when we met but I’ve got too much going on over the next couple of months.”


I appreciate the honesty, upfront and not wasting any more of my time, not like Dickhead in 2016, but seriously why bother. Why keep up a pretence for the best part of two weeks?


I replied to the above said message with a response of “OK cool, thanks for letting me know.”

Followed in quick succession by “take care” which is internationally understood to mean eat shit and die, you coward.