“The Dickhead”

I haven’t been on any dates this month, been a bit busy, and let’s face it dating often brings many knock-backs until you meet a good one. This isn’t a new date. The Dickhead is someone I dated last year, for quite some time. He wasn't always called The Dickhead, he was once Baldy - … Continue reading “The Dickhead”

“High Guy”

On my dating profile I have a little list of things about me, which I often doubt that many lads read. High Guy did, his opening gambit on Tinder was a ramble of a reply to each point on the list. It was better than 'hey', 'hello' or 'hi' so I replied and consequently there … Continue reading “High Guy”

“The Big Man”

I have been told a few times that height does not matter, apparently "it does not matter when you are lying down". Sorry if you thought The Big Man got his name for other reasons... Height however is often the first thing you might notice about a person. Heterosexual females tend to fancy the idea … Continue reading “The Big Man”