“Ronald McDonald”

I was meant to meet Ronald on Wednesday, but we brought it forward to Monday because of all the chat about beer and pubs, and because it was a nice afternoon. "If we keep talking about pubs we will end up there this evening", he said.  Foolish Monday drinking ensued.  Ronald didn't really know the … Continue reading “Ronald McDonald”

“The Dickhead”

I haven’t been on any dates this month, been a bit busy, and let’s face it dating often brings many knock-backs until you meet a good one. This isn’t a new date. The Dickhead is someone I dated last year, for quite some time. He wasn't always called The Dickhead, he was once Baldy - … Continue reading “The Dickhead”

“The Am-Dram”

I haven't dated in a while, it's pretty much been a month as I was giving the Second Chancer far too many chances, so I have had a little break. I matched with The Am-Dram on Bumble, which meant I had to message first and steer the conversation from the outset - I say this … Continue reading “The Am-Dram”

“Second Chancer”

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I went on a date in Green Park/St James's Park, for a hot chocolate. It seemed sensible at the time, I think it may have been a Sunday afternoon which is a good time for a date - not too intrusive on your day and you can … Continue reading “Second Chancer”

“High Guy”

On my dating profile I have a little list of things about me, which I often doubt that many lads read. High Guy did, his opening gambit on Tinder was a ramble of a reply to each point on the list. It was better than 'hey', 'hello' or 'hi' so I replied and consequently there … Continue reading “High Guy”

“The Netballer”

I had the day off work today and whilst enjoying my time with a trip to the swimming pool, doing a few errands and watching Once Upon A Time, I dabbled with Tinder. I matched with The Netballer. His profile, because I actually read it, said a few things but ended with 'the only day … Continue reading “The Netballer”


I haven't spelt this wrong. It all started with talking about cheese (it was Bumble and I needed an opener, he gave it to me in his profile with his penchant for cheese) - this has happened before in the 'case' of the Dickhead who I will not blog about because that was a series … Continue reading “Cheese-Bored”

“The Teacher”

The Teacher, on paper, was, if requirements are a thing (I don't have many, since I generally go for bald idiots), pretty good. He teaches 'little people to become great designers', so my opening line on Bumble was that 'I work with big people who are designers'. For those who don't know, on Bumble the girl … Continue reading “The Teacher”

“Factoid” – part two

I met Factoid a couple of weeks ago, I think it was on a Thursday, and boldly by maybe Sunday I think it was, I asked whether he wanted to do something again sometime. Putting myself out there. Go me. You have to when you get time wasters like The Kiwi. Factoid said the coming … Continue reading “Factoid” – part two