Code name: a word used for secrecy or convenience instead of the usual name.

They also tend to stick and aid describing guys to your friends. And add to the banter of course.

Most of the guys I date end up with a code name – some better than others I must admit, whether it be Ding Dong (he rang the doorbell a lot one night at a house I didn’t live at), The Big Man (he was short), Beardy (clue is in the name, he had a massive beard), Jon Snow (he is a pretty good look alike for Kit Harrington, not the newsreader), to Baldy (again, clue is in the name, though he is now Dickhead).

As such, what better way to document the joys of dating in 2017 than through code names.

To differentiate my dating experience (I might add tales from my friends too) to other blogs, I’m going for the code name.

And what’s my code name? That would be telling.