2018 dating summary

I’m not feeling sentimental about 2018, it’s been busy. I love a cliche, “I don’t know where the year has gone”.

If I had to skim through the year month by month it would be:

  • January – skiing (we started well with Ski Date),
  • February – a short busy work month, I can’t even remember The Rebounder or The Piscean,
  • March – along with my birthday, I started dating The Knob which was such an error, one isn’t going to dwell on it but it knocked me a bit,
  • April – some more skiing (alas, no ski date that time but it’s so good for my soul), then May to July in a blur (think that’s where Cricket Man fitted in who I actually saw in a bar recently, there’s no escape from people),
  • August – I did that thing that you read about, at aged 34 and 5 months old, I moved home to my parents. I suspect that’s why the dating went quiet.

The usual existence of weddings, hen parties, and work has meant I have been very busy and I turned to more alcohol than ever before – and I have gained more weight.

Because of flops, bores and being so busy (busy filling my belly with beer), and probably subconsciously I haven’t been that happy (hence moving home) I haven’t dated as much as I have in the past (definitely in terms of quantity of new additions to the blog).

I looked to busy myself with things I like doing, spending time with my friends and living at home was what I needed to do.

  • September – I also read a book “Everything I know about love” by Dolly Alderton. I read it in the summer (on holiday with some awesome friends, a proper girly sunny holiday with ABBA as the soundtrack) which made me laugh, think “This is me” (we might have played The Greatest Showman a lot as well on holiday and I suspect anyone aged 28-38 reading this book who was a lunatic at university might also think that) and the two things that I mainly took from it was:

a) I am enough; and

b) when people continually ask you “how’s the dating going?” as if it’s a hobby and you’ve got a story to tell, perhaps the blog doesn’t help but it made me think that all it is is one story after another, that I date to fill the time (and yes, friends reading this I am sorry, but you do this too) – it’s really annoying. This is my life. This is how dating is. Perhaps I’m over thinking it, but this is how it felt. Perhaps the question should be “how are you? Have you met anyone you like recently?” Reading Dolly’s book made me feel like that my life is not just a series of stories for entertainment value.

To be honest, yes I date because I can, but I date because I want to meet someone – it’s not a hobby, however I definitely wasn’t finding dating as enjoyable in 2018. I stopped going on dates for a bit whilst living at home to spend time being me… Until:

  • October – Went a few dates with a local guy, date three was dinner and comedy.
  • November – still dating the above local guy.
  • December – lost count of the number of dates, yesterday he gave me a little Christmas present (I didn’t buy him anything, just took a leftover Chocolate Orange that I proceeded to eat).

I don’t know where it’s headed, where I’m headed, but that’s fine by me.

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