“Cricket Man”

Picture the scene… Bank Holiday Monday, after a busy weekend, and after some time off from dating (see The Knob for reasons why), I set about sending some messages on Bumble (Tinder wasn’t coming up with much, and I’ve never got to grips with Hinge and Happn, and two methods is quite sufficient otherwise I’m only going to confuse myself). I send a flurry of messages, and then I went to sleep.

Cricket Man replied but then I didn’t, the day got the better of me… He sent another, and then we chatted a bit about the awful weather, so much so he’d had to let two colleagues stay at his as there were no trains out to Kent (which I thought was quite a nice thing to do). We regaled stories of work, he works for an old client of mine that I despise, so that was a nice thing to share.

He said we should meet up sometime, and to let him know when I was free so I suggested Sunday. To which he said “how brave are you feeling?”

I wondered what this was going to mean. Was he going to plan some crazy adrenalin junkie date? Was he going to be lewd? The latter was my initial thought, because I am somewhat cynical.

He suggested going to Lord’s to watch 20/20 cricket, with a few friends and that he had a spare ticket.

My first thought was that this is a man that has a plan, which is a rare thing. And quite a fan plan. But to tag on to meeting friends on date one is a bit of a no-go. However, in saying that, I like a free ticket, I like a day out at the cricket, and I thought it would be fun, plus you also get quite a good perception of someone when you meet their friends. And he was taking me somewhere – which is more than can be said for others…

We met for a drink first, it was a very hot day. My pasty white, fair skin, sun-creamed up to the max. He was one of those annoying people that apparently does not burn. He’d had quite a busy weekend already, going to Goodwood, playing golf. I should have realised Cricket Man was into cricket given he lives in Oval. However it didn’t really click at all until date day, when he said he has a membership… when he said he’d be at other matches coming up.

Then we went off to Lord’s.

Tube travel on a hot day, on a noisy tube, is not ideal on a first date, you cannot really talk, you both feel like you’re being rude (we both said this at the time when stopped at a station). I think I was more interested in the golden Labrador sitting on my feet.

We got to Lord’s, got some drinks, and set off to meet his friends. I was thinking they would be a bunch of lads, but there was a chap and his six-year-old son, another guy with his girlfriend and his dad. We chatted a little bit, it just all seemed a little bit stilted.

We went for a walk but not much was happening. Later on, Cricket Man was summoned by the six-year-old to go for a walk, they returned with hats each, which I thought was quite sweet of him to have bought.

We decided to call it a day, and walked back to the tube and said our goodbyes on the tube as we travel in the same direction. It was definitely the sort of goodbye that was verging on ‘it was nice to meet you’ (aka I’m not sure I want to meet you again). I left thinking I had a very nice day out and that was that. It’s a shame really that chemistry has a huge part to play, we had quite a lot in common, skiing, work, family, etc but something wasn’t quite there. I got the impression that he is busy, goes off doing fun things but doesn’t really have time for anything else. He didn’t charm, it seemed like we were friends, which isn’t really what I needed. I was not bowled over.

However, it was good to go on a good date, it was a good day out and to get back into dating.  Having said that Love Island starts tonight and this might be a better use of my time.

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