“The one that then went on Married at First Sight”

I haven’t blogged in a while, also this is not a new tale. Just to caveat that before I begin and anyone gets too excited.

This must be back in 2014 (yes, still single, dating in London is hard etc, but to be fair to my status, there have been some that existed on the scene longer than others, for example Second Chancer, The Big Man, some for too long, The Dickhead is definitely in that category.

You know when you’ve dated enough people when you then spot them on the TV. It’s probably why I say I won’t go on First Dates. In fear of a) being that person someone spots and b) dating someone I’ve already dated. For a big city, London seems small sometimes.

The one that then went on Married at First Sight, was someone my friend matched me with. ‘Please can I play on your Tinder?’ is a fairly frequent request. It’s like it is a game. To the friend that did this to me, don’t worry I’m not saying you were treating my love-life like a game as we both know that you weren’t, you had my very best intentions and if you recall, there was a lot of messaging between me and The one that then went on Married at First Sight, but I have been subjected to others having a dabble. One day I’ll maybe I’ll write about Pablo…

He had just moved to London, I’m not sure but I think I was one of his first dates. I can’t write much about it because I can’t really remember but I know we met for drinks in Soho, I didn’t fancy him, and I felt like I was a tour-guide. And because I didn’t fancy him and I remember thinking he was a little odd, I ditched it even though he was very keen. Probably why he then ended up on Married at First Sight. Keen to settle?

Unfortunately he came across a little odd on TV, not sure he really had the social skills/communication skills and perhaps it was all a bit much of an experience – that’s how it came across. He didn’t really give anything away. I then went to a house party before Christmas where his now ex-wife was. That was amusing. I also went to school with a girl that was on the show too.

Perhaps, it’s what happens – we go to many means possible to meet the one, whether that’s by going on many, many dates or the utter desperation of going on TV… that said the production team do seem to match people pretty well on First Dates. You definitely won’t find me on Naked Attraction, I will stick to (normal) dating.

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