“The Piscean”


I met The Piscean at a local pub, one I’ve not been to for a while; it’s more of a Sunday pub for roast dinners than a Wednesday date pub. I was aware this pub was quite big and as I knew he was already there, I asked him where he was sat. I found him and he had already got me a drink. Brownie point gained.

He was tall, nice eyes, smiley, and we chatted and laughed a lot. I soon learnt his 40th birthday is coming up, my birthday is also coming up and we discovered the birthdays are days apart (hence The Piscean is his name). We discussed birthday plans (he has no mad plans of things to do in his 40th year, perhaps girls may come up with these crazy ideas?). I think I may have thought we may have loads of similarities both being Pisceans.

He got the second drink, I’m not one to be bought, but again, brownie point gained.

We continued to chat, about work, rugby (Six Nations), family, friends, with lots of laughing and quickly the second drink had been finished so I offered to get another round. I went to the bar with only my card, and it was declined (which was weird as I had been using it, I have the funds!) and so I went back to the table to get another card, explaining what had happened.

We finished that drink and he offered to get the next because of my card situation – so that is three out of four drinks purchased by him which in London dating is pretty rare I would say. Third brownie point gained.

During the fourth drink, it transpired he had eaten before he met me, him finishing work and home by 5pm – me coming straight from a meeting to the date. He’d had two cheeseburgers. Then we talked about chips, I like chips. He likes chips.

We decided to call it a night, I needed food (chips) and it was around 10.30pm (we met at 7pm). Peck on the cheek and a hug, and ‘talk to you later’ was how it was left.

There was some message exchanging the next day (I worked out my card did work, just not the contactless for some reason, but actually it’s since working so who knows – this is pointless information and not even needed for this tale), and then some more messaging on Friday and Saturday, I was going home to my parents.

But then last night, I get:

“How was your trip home? I’m sorry but I don’t think you and I would work as we are too different I feel. It’s not a cop out but honestly what I think. Good luck with your search.”

  • How do you know that we are different? If we are, does it matter? How do you know we won’t work if you do not try?
  • Why have you asked me about my weekend?
  • ‘It’s not a cop out’ – yes it is.
  • ‘Good luck with your search’ – I am not looking for a job or a house.

I have not replied.

I appreciate ‘when you know, you know’. I can’t say I knew but I knew I had a good time and would have seen him again, he actually asked questions about me which is more than I can say about most I have ever blogged about.

But, it feels like app dating makes everyone think they’re looking for that elusive spark and to fall in love immediately, like glitter falling from the sky when they step off a bus. Something that people don’t seem to realise is that maybe that takes a bit of time and maybe requires two people to try.

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