“The Rebounder”

Before Ski Date sent his not-so-wordy message which ended our non starter of a tale, and because I knew it wasn’t really going anywhere, I put Bumble back on my phone. Because Bumble has allegedly a better calibre of men.

Started chatting to a local chap, arranged a date in a pub local to both but not one I had ever set foot in – all seemingly good and normal. 42, tall, good job, likes to ski, the material things were evident.
We met on a Sunday afternoon, since we had made a plan earlier in the week that I had to bail on due to work. It was good, we chatted, it was easy, we both liked beer. He had lived in America a lot, his friends all married – I’m since thinking that there are a category of men older than me who are maybe too selfish to commit to anything longer term (Ski Date could also fit here).

I know I shouldn’t be so cynical, never-married men over 40 are no different than unmarried men in their 30s or 20s. They just haven’t met someone they want to be with. To be fair, I am probably the same. One has to kiss many a frog before they meet their prince. In the case of Ski Date, that’s a newt. I will stop going on about it, I just wanted to get ‘newt’ in.

Anyway, The Rebounder also had said that last year he dated someone who he had met on Bumble for a bit, so it can work. Hence, he is The Rebounder.

We left the pub, messaged a little bit afterwards and I thought I would see him again. He then sent a long message, saying he had been thinking over the weekend that he wasn’t over his ex, and that it was nice to meet me. He wasn’t ready to date, a bit like The Am-Dram.
Here were my thoughts:

  1. If you’ve been thinking about it over the weekend, don’t go on the date.
  2. Given we were meant to meet on the Tuesday initially, you could have maybe thought about this a bit more and not go on the date.
  3. He is a rebounder.
  4. Thanks for wasting my time.
  5. I know exactly what my reply will be.
“Thanks for letting me know. Take care.” To see what this means, I’ll refer you back to Square and The Kiwi.

And I will probably never set foot in that pub again!

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