“The Meerkat”

I like lists so I made one, it’s pretty much chronological. The Older One, ghosted me! Ghosted… that’s a blog in itself.

But anyhow here is a blog about The Meerkat.

  1. The Meerkat, has been named as so, because he has the same name as this one:
    Bogdan the Meerkat

    Bogdan the Meerkat

  2. Not a huge amount of messaging occurred pre-date, mainly because we both discussed how work unnecessarily takes over most of the time breathing.
  3. The Meerkat made an actual fully clear plan and reserved a table for drinks (rare quality in these times).
  4. I bailed because I was hungover and he simply moved the reservation to another time and date that worked.
  5. The Meerkat arrived first (this hardly ever happens, yet I was still 5 minutes early which he picked up on – I’m hardly ever late). Perhaps he was being meerkat-like and peering out.
  6. The wine list in the wine bar wasn’t all that great (more on this later) and the majority of people in the bar were couples with the men all sitting facing out of the bar, except for one couple.
  7. We ordered wine and discussed:
    • Work
    • Where he’d lived in London (I have only lived in the same place)
    • Family
    • Fitness (so more the fact it is limited and that we both like walking in the countryside – who doesn’t like that…)
    • A three drink rule. No more than three drinks is his rule (not just for dates and not all the time) – so we set that as we both had early starts the next day.
    • Weekend plans
    • Christmas and holidays and skiing.
  8. In amongst these we ordered more wine, a different one, and on receipt it didn’t taste nice or like the description. We asked the server about this and it was responded to with some attitude. The server eventually got someone else to give us more wine. I feel a Trip Advisor review coming on.
  9. We then left to get another drink, he wanted a cocktail. We picked the nearest place, I ordered a Bramble and he went for something the barman perceived to be ladylike and made The Meerkat change his choice. His choice was too sweet, I could have told him that – what with it being a Mai-Tai (or My Tie as they called it there).
  10. We discussed my penchant for beer. And comfy (old-man) boozers.
  11. The three drink rule was then complete and we left and walked to the tube.
  12. We then said pleasant goodbyes and went on our merry way.
  13. The Meerkat has messaged to say he had a good time.
  14. He wasn’t all that tall… Just saying yo.

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