“The Older One” – part two

The Older One on our first date had wanted it to continue, and after some messages about biscuits (perhaps most notably Choco Leibniz), I boldly asked whether he’d like to go out again sometime. He said ‘yes, that would be nice’. Nice? Damn right.

Anyway, we made a vague plan to meet, he picked a pub far too near my house that if we wanted to go anywhere else there wouldn’t really be anywhere else… so I changed it to another pub near my house with more options nearby should this be necessary.

We chatted, whinged about work, but not in a bad way I suppose. I talked about my recent weekender to Amsterdam, we noticed everyone in the pub started to eat around 8.30/9pm so we ordered some chicken wings and some jalapeno bites – the latter being pretty rubbish. He told me more than once, that he is not a massive drinker. I, am a massive drinker, I will not lie.

It wasn’t overly flirty as dates go, he did however occasionally touch my elbow (ooh-er) which is baby-steps to showing interest, isn’t it?

He was adamant that a place nearby was to the left as you leave the pub we were in, I said it’s not it’s to the right and you will lose this argument. So as we leave the pub, and take a right to cross the road to Tesco (last time we went to Sainsburys), there was this place in the argument on the right. So I won. Which meant we went for more drinks.

The next place closed and we wandered back in the direction of our houses, the end part of the date being nigh… At a crossroads where he should go one way and me another, he said, ‘I should walk you home really, shouldn’t I?’ I said I would be ok, big girl that I am, but the offer was accepted and off we went. He went to hold my hand, I think we were both trying to be cool as that didn’t last long.

He went for a piss in a park, and then when we got to my house there was a little smoochy smooch (ooh-er) and off he went home.

Now what happens? He’s a nice guy, but being 41 (and maybe this isn’t an excuse), he’s not really messaging much. I think I am thinking the over 40s may not be as attached to their phones as moi – but then maybe that’s ok?

Will date three be on the cards? I have, because I am mildly hungover right now, sent a message asking him this…


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