“The Older One”

I think as the year continues, my code names are getting more and more lame, like Lame Name. That aside, I’m not sure in the realms of my dating life, I have dated anyone over 40 – that’s not to say I don’t like anyone over 40. That, is something most of my friends do know about, that I have no qualms about dating an older guy… that’s a blog post I haven’t written.

Anyhow, The Older One and I had barely exchanged any messages on Tinder before swapping to WhatsApp. I don’t feel we’d exchanged many more messages before we organised a date. No messing around when they’re older, that’s what some might say.

We realised that we live relatively near each other, so arranged a local Sunday date. On the Saturday night, I showed my friends (and reminded myself) his credentials: tall, works in marketing, 41, photos were ok. A promising start it would seem.

We met, got some drinks, we had both been out drinking the night before and I thought to myself he looked pretty rough in his eyes! I then wondered whether my face was giving off the same impression. Cue topping up of the alcohol levels.

We sat down and the chat was pretty easy: talked about skiing (tick), whinged about work (classic), talked about food (tick) and the usual family/where you’re from etc.

In contrast to The One Who Said It Wasn’t A Date The Older One on occasion ask a question that he knew he hadn’t asked, and was at least a bit more tactful when he did ask something he’d already asked. To be fair to him, we had barely shared anything about each other so it was fine. And at least I didn’t ask what his favourite letter of the alphabet was.

3 drinks in, I was starting to feel a little sleepy from 3 drinks after the drink-fuelled weekend; The Older One had said that he should go see a friend and was annoyed that he’d made that plan as wanted to carry on the date with some food and more drinks. Whilst this is a nice thing to hear, I was keen to get home and get into my pjs. So we left and wandered in the same direction, even went into Sainsburys together and then said our goodbyes.

We’ve exchanged a few messages, mainly about the fact that I am eating almost an entire pack of Choco Leibniz.

Let’s see if this goes anywhere…

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