“Lame Name”

“The One With No Real Defining Thing For A Better Code Name” wasn’t really going to work as a URL. It’s not really very fair of me at all because this was a good date in the dating life of moi. I just can’t get one together, “Actually Tall”, “Normal Guy” are my other options. 

This might have something to do with the fact I didn’t really know anything about him before meeting him. He messaged me first on Tinder, with a better opener than ‘hey’, and it was about drinking so true to my somewhat daft form I just went with it. All I knew was his age, hopefully what he looked like and where he lived (near me). As one of my friends said, I could have been off to meet an axe murderer. 

Lame Name was pleasant, had definitely looked closely at my photos, paying attention to my “outdoorsy” one, which led me to show him all my holiday snaps. The ground should swallow me up but I have no shame. He asked some good questions about travelling. He also told me on my Whatsapp I don’t have ‘last seen online at …’ or whatever that setting is. And then said I don’t know why I’m telling you that… I laughed. Perhaps Lame would be a better name. 

Lame Name paid for all the drinks apart from the first one (I did my semi usual tactic of arriving first). We discussed the fact we didn’t really know much about each other, I to be honest can’t tell you if I really found anything out as I got pretty drunk. That is because I decided to have 3 pints at lunchtime so I was topping up in the evening.

He had an early start the next day, so 4 pints and a gin later we called it a night and both said we’d had fun. Which is true, it was enjoyable. It was just a good time, not hugely memorable, and so we shall see. Again. I’m just quite cynical at the moment (all of the time). 

I’ve said this before, “we shall see”, exhibit A: the case of Ronald McDonald. And just on that one, he was so annoying that I ended it (also when I saw him again, I’d clearly had beer goggles the time before). 

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