“Ronald McDonald”

I was meant to meet Ronald on Wednesday, but we brought it forward to Monday because of all the chat about beer and pubs, and because it was a nice afternoon. “If we keep talking about pubs we will end up there this evening”, he said.

Foolish Monday drinking ensued.

Ronald didn’t really know the area so I went into full scale tour guide mode, which I don’t mind all too much about. It didn’t start well, we had been messaging quite a bit and therefore not sure either of us knew what to say. He just assumed everywhere I was taking him was either high brow or hipster, when really they were Youngs pubs or otherwise, where craft ale is served alongside regular lager brands so I didn’t really see why a fuss was apparently being made – nothing hipster at all. And apparently I work in media which means I’m a hipster. I do not work in media.

I actually took him to a German pub that I took The Second Chancer to, which went down well because, it’s German and a bit different I suppose. Seemed to get that hipster vibe out of Ronald’s head. I’ll keep that pub on the list!

As I say, didn’t start well. Ronald is Irish and I think it was his coping mechanism to be rude. He noticed I have boobs, “oh you have boobs”, and for a massive portion of the evening decided to either try and ping my bra strap or undo it with one hand, failing on both.

Why Ronald? I’m not sure how we got onto it, but he told me he’d got a tube to Waterloo for lunch because that’s where there is a McDonald’s and he had 4 Big Macs. If that was a lie it is a good one. We later ended up at Waterloo after our pub crawl getting McDonald’s. That’s a lot of McDonald’s in a day for Ronald. Think it’s fair to say Ronald likes McDonald’s.

I’m perhaps not being overly fair, as it was quite good fun (we met some American girls in their early twenties who loved me taking the piss out of their accent and filming it for their pals – maybe they didn’t love it but I’m going with it. We are now Instagram friends so this is legit, right?). He was quite sweet in a way, at times. Ronald also admitted to being nervous, which is why I think he behaved immaturely most of the time. But Ronald was quite annoying, think he thought I was really drunk and I think maybe some of the Irish idiosyncrasies got on my tits (yes I have them).

We shall see.

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