“The Am-Dram”

I haven’t dated in a while, it’s pretty much been a month as I was giving the Second Chancer far too many chances, so I have had a little break.

I matched with The Am-Dram on Bumble, which meant I had to message first and steer the conversation from the outset – I say this because this is pretty much how it felt on the date.

We met in a pub not too far from where I live, a halfway location from him as well. As I walked there I thought to myself, this is local to one of my colleagues. I said this to The Am-Dram, he said it was a local for some friends too. Then said colleague walked in, took a table not far away, not realising he was opposite me, so I waved and then he later mouthed over ‘are you on a date’. Part of me wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then, the other part thought this will make leaving easier!

The Am-Dram was pleasant, he is a nice guy. Why is he called The Am-Dram? Because he kept going on about amateur dramatics, referring to it as ‘am-dram’, he was later going to some engagement drinks with some am-dram folk. I have no problem with hobbies, by all means I wish sometimes I had something better than my interests, but please don’t chew my ear off about them. Every thing he did is am-dram related because he is no longer playing rugby.

What The Am-Dram also mentioned, is that he was engaged about 18 months ago, which is honest and let’s face it not everyone would be so honest on a first date. I wonder if it was to someone from am-dram. He also mentioned his father passed away not long after his engagement ended, and what transpired is he really isn’t ready for dating or meeting someone. I was steering the conversation, he didn’t ask me that many questions about myself, something which happens when someone isn’t interested…

I think The Am-Dram assumed we had similar careers, yet he is making a break from his to become a teacher – in hindsight, he was patronising me a little bit for not making a similar career break, not getting out of my house-share (er it’s London, that’s quite normal), which doesn’t make you feel overly great. It was raining and I think both of us were unsure how to continue.

Meanwhile, my colleague mouthed over that Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, was in the pub. Useful and a change of focus! I like a celeb spot, and told The Am-Dram that I had spotted Iain Glen from Game of Thrones recently (he didn’t need to know this was whilst on a date). The Am-Dram said he watches Game of Thrones sometimes… how can you watch it sometimes?!

After a few more drinks, the rain had cleared, The Am-Dram needed to leave for his am-dram buddies. He confirmed he isn’t ready for dating, said I am a great girl. I think if he was ready for dating, the date would have been quite different.

He left, and I went over to my colleague and his wife, joined them for drinks and a pub quiz – the same pub quiz I went to with Choco Leibniz. This blog is wonderful for reminding me just how many dates I go on…

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