“The Teacher”

The Teacher, on paper, was, if requirements are a thing (I don’t have many, since I generally go for bald idiots), pretty good. He teaches ‘little people to become great designers’, so my opening line on Bumble was that ‘I work with big people who are designers’. For those who don’t know, on Bumble the girl has to message first. Easy…

We messaged for a week or so and arranged to meet, on a Friday, which is against my dating beliefs and links to a rule I mentioned when I went on a date with Inferno. This is ‘Don’t have a first date on a Friday night unless you have a plan to go somewhere else (or fake plan) or are too bothered about potentially ruining your Friday night’. The other issue I have with Friday, is that sometimes I just need to unwind after work, and that’s best done by getting totally wasted or going straight home.

I’d already had two pints at lunchtime, and a beer from the Friday drinks fridge… I was also running late which isn’t something The Teacher really understood I don’t think (I could enter a comment about him leaving at 3.30pm every day here but I know this isn’t true). Unfortunately, if something needs to be done at work, it needs to be done and leaving on time becomes a dream – I did give him plenty of warning however. And then he was late, and I was there first, the classic, see Inferno, Paddy McPasta, The Big Man; it seems to be a skill of mine.

Anyway we got drinks, we chatted, about holidays, he’s going to Jordan (I have been – I could have been born there too as my family lived there before I was born, just FYI) and I am contemplating going to Thailand. We chatted about where we are from (clearly not both from London), families etc., all usual and flowing conversation.

The Teacher then suggested that being a teacher means that he can never work at under 100% effort and that in my job and others, we can have days where we work at 50-70% and nobody notices. Great thanks, so you think my job isn’t important? Everybody has ‘off days’. I have many friends who are teachers – I know how hard they work, I also know some who have bad days. We are all human. This triggered some bubbling annoyance within me, it is an insensitive thing to say when you are meant to be impressing me…

Then Six Nations rugby came on the television… Wales v Ireland… and that was a distraction. He likes rugby a lot (as do I) so why on earth agree to a date when clearly you want to be watching it? And then some Welsh and Irish people wanted to sit at our table and watch it too and they started talking to us; The Teacher even bumped into a friend – it was all too much.

When he went to the loo, I went on Facebook on my phone and watched this video from BBC News where a guy is being interviewed and his kids videobomb the interview. I laughed a lot, watched it a few times and that was the most fun I had all evening.

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