He didn’t have a code name before I met him, I didn’t know all that much prior to the date (sometimes the way with app dating), as such I was hoping he would have something about him. He did not disappoint. Factoid, was a knowledgeable sort. He had many facts to tell me about London and history as we wandered around, about Hawksmoor churches for instance. I think I even called him Factoid to his face after a few pints.

After a bit of a quiet start, and a busy pub, we stumbled on a pub that neither of us had been to. Factoid is the kind of guy who likes to be friendly with everyone, we made some friends, and introduced ourselves to the landlady who had been there for many years. Tracey Emin is a friend of hers. Factoid told the landlady he’d bring his mum back to meet her. I think I was thinking, ‘this is nice, quite funny’, but also thinking ‘what on earth are you doing, people in London don’t talk to other people just because‘.

I say ‘I think I was thinking’ because I couldn’t really tell you what I was thinking as I was pretty drunk, and just generally unsure about him at points. That may be because he reminded me a little bit, facially, of Shady Sam (that is not a tale for today).

Factoid seemed keen, kept looking at my necklace which meant he, the cheek of it, went far too close to my chest.

I think on this particular date, I was keeping my cards close to my chest. We had things in common, but I think I was thinking that something wasn’t quite there – I had had a busy day, a busy week and might not have been the best company.

Since the date we have messaged a bit,  so I guess we all have to wait and see if Factoid wants to share any more facts with me.

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