“Choco Leibniz”

Choco Leibniz actually started out as “Guitar-man“, when I started this blog, which is a bit lame (though I had a thought pop in my head ‘he could teach me the guitar if this goes well’). He soon became Choco Leibniz based on our messages about biscuits and our biscuit of choice (a great topic of conversation). FYI, mine is a Hobnob, all varieties. Choco Leibniz was on to a good start.

He suggested a pub quiz. I was a bit hesitant. Whilst this is a great date idea, is it right for a first date? Some overthinking occurred:

  • Committing to the quiz for a couple of hours, if not more, is quite a big ask for a first date. Recently, how long should a first date be is something I’ve thought about a lot.
  • What if I know too much and come across as a geek? Unlikely, I quickly realised.
  • What if I know nothing? Again unlikely, but what if I don’t know enough? Was I being tested?

I like pub quizzes so really none of this mattered. Choco had made a plan, which is a rare thing itself.

We met, we quizzed. Between us we were pretty average. We didn’t come last and that’s the main thing. My chosen specialised subject of the evening were the word/anagram based sections, Choco Leibniz’s was music (not biscuits), between us we were ok at TV/celebs and history but pretty useless on sport. We doodled on the back of a sheet, him mocking my rubbish maths where I had panicked and added an extra digit to my answer to how many centimetres wide is a tennis court.

We drank quite a lot… even when the pub closed after the quiz ended, we went on for a couple more drinks. Probably a little unnecessary, but maybe that proves we were having a nice time…

The bar was closing, it was time to call it a night. I ordered an Uber, and after a cheeky snog, off I went.

I wonder whether I will be making the quiz team again.

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