He was going to be called Gappy, but I thought that was too mean (as if this isn’t mean enough). Inferno, 35, told me on our date last night that he has been to Infernos in the last year, and to be brutally honest I think he goes there more than he let on and this is unacceptable for anyone over the age of 26 to be quite frank.

He can also have the name Gappy. Last night I broke two of my dating rules. I should know better given the amount of dates I have been on (it’s taken me forever to start writing this blog), but I break rules a lot. Life is short and all that.

First rule broken: ‘Don’t date guys who don’t have any photos where they are smiling with their teeth showing’.

Teeth are important. Aside from when I was dating Army guy, because it just did not matter…

It made me think, how many male celebs have gap in their teeth? I do not fancy Elijah Wood or Elton John. Zac Efron, maybe, but I think he had his teeth fixed.

I couldn’t get past the teeth gap with Inferno. I tried, I always try to rein in my initial ‘I don’t fancy this guy’ thought and see if I can see past it, they may be a grower but I think with Inferno’s baby face, there was no hope. Baby faced and goes to Infernos, I say no more. I need a manly man.

Second rule broken: ‘Don’t have a first date on a Saturday night unless you have a plan to go somewhere else (or fake plan) or are too bothered about potentially ruining your Saturday night’.

I didn’t mind, because I just went off home at circa 9pm after an hour and a half of a date where I didn’t really laugh – laughing is so much more important than anything else, they say food is the way to a man’s heart, I think laughing might be the way to mine. We shall see.

I realise I’ve not said much about the run up to the date, that’s because there wasn’t much, other than his name, height and a mutual interest in skiing, I knew nothing about him. He did however, form a plan and suggest the location, which is always quite a good thing for a guy to do – take note please – I think we girls like a guy to take charge (at times).

He was pleasant enough so Inferno at 6ft 3 and baby faced may do well with a 25 year old he meets in Infernos. Which is probably where he went off to after our date.

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